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Wynleigh International Certification Services has checks and balances that ensure we keep our promises. Included are an independent Approvals Board and Independence Committee. We use international and local standards, specifications, legislation and best practice as criteria for our services and products, to establish undisputed client credibility. Our geographic focus includes Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.


As a proud member of the South African business community, Wynleigh International Certification Services is engaged in building a united future for all South Africans. Our demonstrated commitment extends to social efforts and share equity which is recognised under the Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment legislation (Act 53 of 2003), as a Level 2 contributor.

The final delivery i.e. ISO Certification was achieved well before the programmed date and at a significant margin below budget, amid severe COVID19 lockdown restrictions. The business was conducted in a highly ethical manner, the service provider going out of their way to accommodate our team. As a start-up EME, our challenges and business were not too small for Wynleigh to take the highest interest.
Dr Louis Grobler PrEng
General Manager, Dinokeng Engineers


Wynleigh International Certification Services has a passion for assisting organisations in driving their brand equity and creating sustainability, through risk assurance.

We exist to:

  • Improve the credibility of South African brands.
  • Improve your risk assurance in the chosen discipline of certification.
  • Elevate your market profile.
  • Create assurance amongst your Insurers.
  • Ensure engagement with all your stakeholders.
  • Guide South African organisations toward sustainability, through risk assurance.
  • Reduce the need for second party, customer audits.


Our Pledge

The credibility of your brand is our priority.

By partnering with Wynleigh International Certification Services we pledge to:

  • Improve your risk assurance in the chosen discipline of certification.
  • Elevate your market profile.

Wynleigh International Certification Services offers a unique approach to ISO certification by using your customer’s feedback as the benchmark of credibility. We survey your customers to keep our service business-focused.

Our People

Our Managing Director, Tony Cunningham has the vision to elevate the certification industry to new levels of recognition.

Tony believes that Management System Certification Services have yet to mature to the levels of credibility that they deserve. This is primarily from a governance and risk perspective. His efforts are evident in the unique nature of standard services that Wynleigh International Certification Services offers, which will drive the industry in a new direction.

Our Managing Director has twenty-nine years of experience with Management System Standards, twenty-six of which have been at an executive level. This includes participating in the launch of what has become one of the world’s largest certification bodies. He now brings this wealth of experience to the rebirth of the Wynleigh International brand, as a certification body.

Tony Cunningham is well acquainted with accreditation and auditor competence, through his involvement in the advisory forum (RAAF) that established SANAS, and as a founding director of SAATCA.

Visit Tony’s LinkedIn profile to learn more about his history:


Tony Cunningham

Managing Director

Christina Moodley

Operations Manager

our values


We retain an unwavering fixation to build trust.


We continuously motivate internal and external stakeholders to create a culture of positivity.


Research, innovation and improvement remain intentional activities to keep us ahead of our competitors.


Every service and product we provide shall deliver a client-favoured value proposition.

Purpose Statement

Our deepest desire and purpose is to help grow great companies.

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